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(N)person or persons that dwell in a state of being mentaly fucked to the point it becomes its own brand of destructive harmony.

-derived from the forget language Ka'jah (ruffly translated as ones who eat cut the crust) Mindus kaotis was bestowed on the skitzofrenial psychos of the early primevil days.
1.An egotistical sexually altered beast of a being that has tendencies to lash out sporatically in rhythmic low depth rhythmic patterns is known to be mind kaotik.

2.The mind kaotik lashed out in a violent rage screaming til his throat bled.. regained his composure and embraced himself in his own blood.

4.staying a bright terminal or moniter may cause one to become a mind kaotik, seperating whats real from fantasy... breading an array of note progressions drifting sporatically through the mind.

4.The obsessed mind kaotik lusted to pound intensly with the patterns eating inside his head.. to the point where he felt he had to shave his body to lessen the gravitational restraints of his speed.
by vagrant January 21, 2005
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