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1. Pimp / 2. One who plays with females
eg. "4 girls? You minchin their mate"
by Godd October 25, 2003
21 41
Minch is the medical definition for 'stretched anal passage'
Quick Doctor, send Dee Jay Lor straight to E.R, he is suffering from minch
by Nurse Jakki October 29, 2003
100 76
A woman's external genitalia
She has a pretty pink minch that tastes great.
by Angelcakes November 07, 2006
119 100
A Mans Inch, where 1/2 an inch is normally 1 inch
James commented that it was 8 inches, but Leanne said using a minch it would only be 4
by mogant April 18, 2011
11 20
A cheeky mischevious person, normally quite small in stature.
You little minch!
by MrXXDictionaryXX March 09, 2011
11 20
Man; a good man. Yiddish (German/Jewish) origin
Thanks for lending me that money, Jerry. You're a real "minch."
by Mac Johnsin March 15, 2006
82 95
A minch likes to insert his "little member" into peoples anal passages for pleasure. He will also take other men's "little memebrs" in his anal passage upon request. In the case of women, a strap-on dildo is acceptable
The man liked anal sex so much, he woz nearly a fully-fledged minch!
by Minch's gay partner, Clarence October 27, 2003
7 33