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Variant(s): MIM-ZEE', Mini-Zombie

Fuction: Noun

Etymology: English descent

1) A midget zombie.

2) Term given to a midget/darf/little person who has become one of the walking undead.

3) The zombiefication of a human midget.

4) Same characteristics and behavior of a normal zombie: walkin undead, evil intent, brain fuctions on the primial need to feed, ablility to infect others, very short and slightly funnier.
Survior 1 - Quick, use your rifle to headshot that group of zombies in the distance.

Survivor 2 - Wait, their not in the distance.

Survivor 1 - Really? They look far away.

Survivor 2 - No, those are MIMZBIES and their only 20 feet.

Survivor 1 - No fucking way! Those don't exist.

Survivor 2 - TOO LATE!!

by Soltakr May 07, 2009
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