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The same thing as cum or semen. Comes out a man/woman's hole. The Joy juice!!
Got Milt?
We do.
by Ashley February 28, 2003
Ejaculate from the human male penis.

Milted - Past tense of milt.
Milty - Covered with milt.
Milting - The state of ejaculating.
Miltish - Resembling milt.
Dude, did you see that condom back there? It had milt all in it!

Oh, man...I need a towel. I milted all over myself.

I had a wet dream and now my sheets are all milty.

What the hell do you want?! I'm milting!

Dude, that medicine was was all miltish!
by Dude November 23, 2003
milt is the thick white liquide that comes out of a fish's penis...also know as sperm or cum
the rainbowtrout has put his milt in your mother's mouth
by donkers99 April 21, 2008
(n) milt - another name for vomit or puke
(v) milted (past tense) unintentionally vomitted on one's self in public.
(v) milting (present tense) the surprising unintentional act of vomiting on one's self
I was sitting at the bar and milted on myself.

I got milt on my shirt.

Don't come in here, I am milting!
by Lou Zurr October 05, 2009
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