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The Hottest Guy Alive !!! Amazing body. Star of pathology ( yum ) and the delicious Peter Petrelli in Heroes.
If He gets any hotter he will set himself on fire....
Milo Ventimiglia... ( drool )
by Dr.V May 20, 2009
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-super freaking hot italian guy
-plays peter petrelli on heroes
-has an incredible body
1-did you see milo ventimiglia in heroes last night?
2-oh my God! yes!
1- he has to be one of the hottest people ever
by the fabster August 29, 2008
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Milo ventimiglia is an actor who has starred in gilmore girls, pathology, dirty deeds, law and order, and heroes he is 31 years old and is currently dating hayden pannetiere.
by Regine m July 30, 2008
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The worst actor in human history. Star of the convoluted clusterfuck that is Heroes.
How can Milo Ventimiglia suck so much ass as an actor?
by George of the Windy Hills February 10, 2009
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