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One who sniffs the biycle seats of his peers.
Bob was a caught Milly-Whiffing his friends bike.
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
MillyWhiffer: A man who sniffs young girls bicycle seats.
Origin: Unknown
Jerome was caught sniffing little Susie's bicycle seat, and arrested on charges of being a Millywhiffer.
by Roget July 04, 2004
An individual who frequents public laundromats and apartment laundry rooms in search of extra-large and older women's underpants to sniff.
Sharon started wearing thongs and panties exclusively when the building's management reported a millywhiffer at large.
by Warthog July 07, 2004
1) noun: A wrestling move in which one takes his opponent's leg and head cradled in his arms, while wrapping a leg around the opponent's other leg, stretching the two legs apart, causing severe pain in the crotch.
That freshman tried me so I gave him a milly whiffer.
by C. Suarez March 11, 2005