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-verb, mill, millin
1. The act of walking anywhere while under the influence of marijuana.
A. They were millin through the mall, while eating a soft pretzel.

B. Lets go mill after this bowl.
by anannon July 31, 2011
The act of banging your penis onto random object's or people, Often in a windmill style movement.
John: Hey man watch this im gonna go an mill tom
Tom: WTF man why are you slapping your cock on me!

Phil: Last night i was millin jenny's house phone an then her mum was speaking to her friend all night on it!
Dave: Ha! dude she totally has penis breath.
by Skidmark the III December 03, 2009
On Mondays, the act of going to the best bar is St.Charles, Missouri (The old millstream)
Who's millin today?

There was a bunch of people millin last Monday.

I'll be millin around 5.
by darkness842013 November 18, 2013
1. A Samurai that acts like a ranger
Millin uses Sidewinder
The Bee takes 3812 damage.
by An awesome warrior. April 04, 2005
A handle commonly used in the video game: Final Fantasy XI. People who choose this handle tend to party with excellent White Mages, however they have poor taste in Bards and Tanks.
Dumbbard>> Is Millin going to be on tonight?
ExtremelySmartAndTalentedWhiteMage>> nah, i think he is busy with sports
by PhillGuyThePillowSky January 04, 2005
2.<owner>, the act of owning stuff, also refered to as "teh pwn"
millin readies tachi: gekko
The million eyes takes 1050 damage.
by bob February 14, 2005
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