term used to describe something which false, fraudulent or not truly disclosed in some way.
"great rolex!"
"it's not a real rolex, it's a milli vanilli"
by MintyLeila June 25, 2005
Top Definition
Once a singing group in the late 80s that didn't sing but lipsinked instead, MILLI VANILLI is now used as an adjective to describe something that is fake.
Pam's breasts are so Milli Vanilli.
by Anonymous August 08, 2003
The mere mention of the name still calls up the same derision it did when the dance-pop duo's career came to a sudden and ignominious end: Fakers. Frauds. A blatant marketing scam. Their story has been retold countless times: after selling millions of records, Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan were revealed to be models who publicly lip-synced to tracks recorded by anonymous studio vocalists. They became the first act ever stripped of a Grammy award and came to symbolize everything people disliked about dance-pop: it was so faceless that every musician involved could remain anonymous without anyone knowing the difference, so mechanical and artificial that the people who constructed it had to hire models to give it any human appeal, so pandering and superficial that people bought it just for its attachment to a pretty face.
"Girl you know it's true. Ooh Ooh I love you"
by s_N_double_O_P May 16, 2005
Officially, Milli Vanilli was a techno-dance singing duo consisting of Rob Pilatus of Germany and Fabrice Morvan of France. They released one album in late 1988, "Girl You Know is True". From that period up to early 1990 it spawned five Top 10 hits - the title track, the #1 "Don't Forget My Number", the #1 "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You", the #1 "Blame It On the Rain" and entering the new decade with "All or Nothing". In early 1990, they were caught lip-synching "Blame It On the Rain" live on TV during a music awards show. The previous year the tape skipped during a "concert" that also revealed the duo's lip-synching. Allegations flew. Later in the year the duo said they wanted to do some real singing on their next album. They revealed to a music employee that all they did for the record was pose for the album cover and have the project credited to them under the name "Milli Vanilli". The shit really hit the fan after that. The duo's album sold multi-platinum but was soon deleted. They had to return their Grammy for Best New Group, the first time that ever happened. Milli Vanilli was disgraced in what is possibly the biggest sham in music history. Still, they were used in a Pepsi TV ad the following year, lip-synching to an opera record. A year later, they released an album under their real names, supposedly the vocals were the duo's own. It sank like a stone in a pond. Pilatus commited suicide in 1998. Fabrice is still living. The term "Milli Vanilli" now is used to denote fraud and fakery.
Since that time other performers like Madonna, Ashlee Simpson and Britney Spears have been caught lip-synching on stage. Not as much fuss has been made about any of that. Hmmmm. It's a damn shame that the Milli Vanilli story has come to what it is. Their first album has some really good songs on it, but they will never be released again and we probably never will hear them again because of the big scandal. There's some terrific music on it, it's just a shame that the wrong people got all the credit for it.
by California Sun November 12, 2007
Was a singing group that didn't sing, but lipsynched.

Now, it can be an insult to someone's singing abilities, or
if something is called "milli vanilli" its reffered to as fake.

Ex. Ashlee: omg jojo is such a good singer!!
Jason: pft. she's no mariah carey.
Mark: she's not even milli vanilli
Jason: LOL!!!

Ex.2 Omg her louis vuitton bag is so milli vanilli
by ---anonymous August 20, 2006
A band in the 80's that was caught lip synking. They had 4 hit songs and they were not very good.
Milli Vanilli are fake they couldn't sing
by LilJOnwhattt: July 28, 2005
When a black lady fakes an orgasam with a white man.
"How was your night with Latisha last night Bill" "It was hot, but I don't know if she is into me, I think she pulled a Milli Vanilli on me.
by Joker313 January 12, 2009
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