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A small town in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This town hosts farmland on the edges of its boundaries, and would be completely unimportant if it didn't host Millersville University.

Short for Millersville University, a small college of about 7,000 current students. The student body is so small, that the teacher to student ratio is about 1-10, allowing for a very personal experience. Millersville University is one of the top ten colleges in the Northeast, and one of the top fifteen colleges in the world for teaching.
No, 30 doesn't go through Millersville.

If you want to be a teacher, you should check out Millersville. It's a good option.
by Ron Cumberdale October 15, 2005
A small parking lot in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, that is always filled. You will be charged over $100 a year to drive around this lot, but you will not find a space to park.
I had an easier time getting a parking spot black Friday at Walmart than I did at Millersville.
by screepy January 27, 2011
Place where you get fat

Place where you eat a shitload of oreos

Place where you become a lifter and find a fat and ugly and weird girl friend

Place where if you get job you will be teaching at central catholic

Place where you find pussy's who can't powerlift and can't eat them oreos

Place where you find kids who wear cargos 24/7.

Place where you find people wearing condoms on head.
Millersville includes...

Dan the "powerlifter"

Steve the runner

stick shift saturn puke green color

by NickDandrea July 25, 2008
Severna Park wannabe/truckstop/the ghetto
sarah: "ugghhhh"
bob: "you mean millersville?"
by Sarah April 06, 2005
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