1. pp. of miller.
2. reduced to getting no work done.
3. fragged; fatal error.
4. not functioning properly.
5. changing level of productivity abruptly: The computer was fine then I got millered
6. fragmentary or incomplete: a millered workstation
7. infringed or violated: A millered promise is a betrayal of trust.
8. interrupted, disrupted, or disconnected: After the fatal error he returned to his millered computer.
9. reduced to submission: The drafter was millered due to repeated fatal errors.
10. absolute loss of hope; despair: The project manager was well and truly millered.
11. spoken in a confused or fragmentary manner, as to feign knowledge: He uttered a few millered words then told him to reboot.
12. get kicked in the groin; He got millered so hard he almost puked.
Use in a sentence:
"I got millered!"
"You got millered!"
"It's miller time!"
by uifmjeh4546 October 24, 2009
Top Definition
verb - the act of having a proposed time pushed systematically out with the same, or similiar, excuse. Usually in 15 minute increments. Most often happens between the times of 8:30pm and 10:00pm EST.
"Hey steve, wanna play a game tonight?"
-"ya sounds, good. I'll be ready at 8:30"
8:30 arrives
"Steve you ready?"
-"ya just gotta do a few quick things, gimme till 8:45"
8:45 arrives
"alright steve"
-"ya just gotta eat something, i'll be ready at 9"

"millering" repeats until about 9:30-10:30pm upon the arrival at two conclusions

"jesus we were ready hours ago....we got fucking millered"
-"relax im here, let's go"


"steve its 10 o clock, wtf."
-"ya i got REALLY comfortable in this chair...i won't be playing after all"
"what the fuck, my night just got millered"
by Weres June 29, 2009
The act of forcibly lodging a 12 ounce can or bottle of miller high life inside your rectum.
Dude, steve got millered super hard last night.
by alex a.... July 28, 2011
to fall in love, be used, misled, cheated on, and to have your heart ripped out by who appears to be "a fucking angel"
1: She's got a new boyfriend named Jesse!

2: I feel bad for him he is going to get millered! We need to warn him.

1: He wont listen..its impossible for someone not to fall in love with the bitch.
by shitthefuck July 15, 2008
To shoplift from Goodwill.
Where did you get this broken home interior stuff? I Millered it from the Goodwill while the checkout girl was adjusting the baby in her stomach.
by LCSulla52 February 13, 2004
To make up girlfriends whenever you are depressed.
He said he was with his new girlfriend, but he Millered us. I just saw him at the mall watching people walk by.
by LCSulla52 February 13, 2004
To "borrow" something of value from someone, sell it, tell person that you owe them $20, never repaid.
Brian borrowed my literature book. I hope I don't get Millered!
by Johnny Monet February 11, 2004
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