In a mafia game, a miller is a role where you are town-alligned, but come up mafia when investigated
Being a miller in mafia, puts high suspicion on you, because your role can't be verified
by milla_time89 June 09, 2008
a small projectile turd sheaped like a leprechaun
"man this boy pulled down his pants and and a masive miller came straight for me"
by nosliw kcin August 13, 2008
one who is thought of as a smacktard or iritating. Can be usually be identified by their lack of touch with the real world and annoyance to people surrounding them. Very limited vocabulary and often ask for common spellings such as "how you spell also?" and repeatition of "pass me my rifle" (when of course none is in sight). They also think that they have a knowledge of everything, especially of warfare and the army, when in fact they're complete retards and lack even basic common sense.
bassically a complete smacktard.
stop being a miller you smacktard n00b
by purechaosbass March 28, 2006
to steal something, or to be unclean, scabby and generally unheigenic
1- how did you get that you had no money?
2- i millered it.
by CFX69 February 14, 2009
Someone who manipulates and lies without ceasing. They actually believe their tongues will fall out if they tell the truth.
You lying cheating bitch! You're such a miller!
by colaho August 14, 2008
To snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.
You were given a good opportunity. Why did you go and miller it up?
by dudericious June 06, 2007
(v) to always obey your girlfriend. (n) a flappy, whipped dude.
Don't Miller, come out and get wasted tonight! The food network special will be on tomorrow!
by longschlong May 25, 2005

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