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To 'pull a Millberz' is the act of standing between two people who are dating, or crucially, potentially dating. The act often involves both arms slung around the lovers necks and saying, "How are you guys then."

The entire concept of the idea is frowned upon by society and has been punished before by severe banter and exclusion resulting in the need for a 'Millberz with pace'.

It is believed the first Millberz was pulled in a remote English city called Worcester. It is alleged that the name comes from the original offender, but has never been confirmed.
Steve: Yeah so I was talking to.....OMG....Carlos is pulling a Millberz on Dave and Jess. He makes me sick.

Ledley: Right you are Steve. Banter calls.

Mike: Yeah I pulled a Millberz on Chris and Joanne yesterday. I beat myself senseless when i got home though. Forgive me guys.
by DCI Banter March 06, 2010
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