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A school in Western Omaha where all the preppy rich kids go to school. Known for being rude, spoiled, and having terrible sportsmanship. Their main rival is Millard South although Millard North is one as well.
A last year, Millard West students threw pennies at the Millard South band when they marched around the track.

A boy planning to attend Millard West streaked down Q street during a football game for a bet.
#millard #west #south #north #mps #ops
by For Serious Live Life November 03, 2010
Home of the Kitty Cats where pussy's go to school.
If you go to Millard West you might as well jump off a bridge.
#pussy #kitty #cat #fail #suck #cock #homo #fag #rainbow
by Fail at life August 20, 2008
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