A high school in omaha nebraska. the kids are known as druggies but actualy only a select few actualy are on drugs. The #1 highschool football team in nebraska.
It got shot up jan. 05. 2011. people have it all wrong it didnt go down how you think. Ask a millard south kid and thry will tell you the real story. and they have an amazing orchestra.
kid one: what highschool in nebraska has the best football team?
kid two: millard south
Kid three: yeah they are way better than millard wast or millard north.
Kid one: okay i love Millard South
by BrightEyesMate April 14, 2011
Top Definition
A high school in Western Omaha that has the assholes,the preggos,and the tweakers, all in one lovely building!

Also,never trust Robbie Roiter.

Fair warning,dude or dudette.
Wow,Millard South sucks!
by ControlGroupKepler_7 May 17, 2016
Millard South is a school in Omaha, Nebraska where all the stoner students attend. If you think a person doesn't smoke Marijuana, they do. Also, all the sports teams are terrible. All of the students are rude and back-stab one another. If you think your best friend is your best friend, he or she isn't. They talk behind your back all the time. There are many, many fights at Millard South. There are also many shootings. Most of the students are psycho-pathetic maniac on drugs.
Guy: Did you hear about the fight at Millard South today?

Girl: Which one?

Guy: Touche!
by aaaaaaaaaaaaaah April 07, 2011
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