When a man or a group of men ejaculates on the hair of a woman with dark hair, making it look like the milky way galaxy... or something close.
Guy: Hey, do you want a milky way? I got some in my place.
Girl: Sure.
(15 minutes later...)
Girl: Eww, this is the worst milky way I've ever had!
Guy: I've seen worse.
by Black pseudonym April 15, 2008
An orgasim in either a male or female; ejaculation.
Tyrone and Takeshia climaxed at the same time, resulting in a great milky way as both were having unprotected sex and there was nothing to stop the flow of the ebony custard.
by Richard Black February 28, 2005
"to cum on a negrooooo"
Matt and his friends invented the milky way last weekend.
by Whore Muffin™ November 14, 2007
The milky way is when one takes an exacto knife and cuts a hole into a cow's utter. The person then gets a boner and has sex with this hole while his body is slightly leaned back behind the ass of the cow. This is so the cow can shit all over the persons chest as they're having sex with the cows utter.
When you want to have sex with a cow and be covered in shit. When you see that milk flyin you know you've accomplished the milky way.
by Adam Corbey January 12, 2008
a term used for wiping your cummed outdick from there face lips to there pussy lips,
I gave my mom a milky way!
by Ramsey LUdlow May 24, 2004
the act of shooting one's juices, directly into the belly button of another person, effectively creating a milky way
Jeremy: Dude, you gonna watch the stars with Lisa tonight? Pretty romantic!

Ryan: Oh yeah, we're star-gazing definitely. In fact, I'll even show her the milky way~

Jeremy: A...aren't we in the milky way already?

by acezach June 09, 2016
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