When a man titty fucks a women so hard that the women lactates, and the man proceeds to use that breast milk as anal lubricant.
Shit dude i gave Lisa the old milky way last night it was great
by skeeto February 22, 2007
When you cum on a girls face and there is a line running down to her chin.
"I gave this girl a Milkyway, right when I came."
by Slappy Fack November 30, 2006
1st man: Don't you think that guys a bit milky?

2nd man: Huh?

1st man: Milky way, gay duh
by ∂αмиgιяℓ♥ August 05, 2009
when you are eating a girl out aand she orgasms and you suck up her juice and and spray it into her mouth while she has it open, gasping and moaning, then she sprays it out.
dude i had so much fun last night giving that bitch a milky way.
by mthwkirk July 06, 2009
You fuck a female up the ass with a giant dildo. The ass is spread so as to create a crater like formation. This allows for the male to squirt his stuff, thus creating a pool of semen in the female's anus. The surrounding fecal matter of the asshole breaks off into the ejaculate goo, thus creating poop floaties.
Dude, did you hear? Tony walked in on his mother getting a Milky Way from her boyfriend.
by Burt, Chuck, Keenan, & Mike February 18, 2008
When a man puts caramel in the particular orifice that he is fucking or is intending to fuck, however it mostly pertains to anal sex with caramel in the receiver's asshole.
Go give your boyfriend a milky way, fag.

Oh man, she got a milky way last night? What a dirty bitch!
by N V April 12, 2008
when reciveing a blow job as one is about to ejacutate he bobs the girls head down all the way down so she deep throuts, therefore sperm begins to flow out of her nose.
i was gettig head from jessica and i gave here a milky way and cum flowed out her nose like a fat kid drinking milk.
by jerry avila February 20, 2008
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