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1. The preamble and unofficial title to a joyous childhood rhyme. It goes: Milk, Milk, Lemonade, Push the Button, Fudge is Made. While saying this lovely poem, children point to the right side of their chest and then the left for the Milk part. For lemonade, they point to their genitals. "Push the button" calls for pushing ones belly button and then finishing it off by pointing to ones arse.

2. Something you say to your boss to express your lack of interest in what (s)he is saying.

3. Something you say very loudly when someone is telling you something you don't want to hear.
2. "Hey Lance, can you do a better job scrubbing the toilets? The chunks of corn and poop splatters are still visible"

"Milk, Milk, Lemonade ..."

3. "Lance, honey. I told you we should have used a condom. The test just came back positive."

"Milk, Milk, Lemonade!"
by Becki J. February 19, 2005
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