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The go-to diet of families during a winter storm. For whatever reason, as soon as there's going to be ice or snow, people stop buying regular food and immediately run to the store to purchase every last bit of milk and bread. One can only assume they're going to make milk sandwiches.
I went to the grocery store today to get some bread, but the whole shelf - along with the milk aisle - were empty. I suppose some families will be dining on milk sandwiches for the next week.
by ccccchris February 12, 2014
To jizz in a sandwich and give it to your Partner
I gave Megan a milk sandwich last night
by Milk sandwich August 17, 2015
a clever way of telling someone you want to see if they want to cum in there mouth
hey bitch would you like a milk sandwich??
by RIPPO November 30, 2008
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