Also known as Mikey Ray Cyrus, this shmexy disney channel star who likes to paint vanessa and ashley midgets' toenails. She loves sharpies, and is a pink leperchaun. And she's the cooliest person ever.
Miley Cyrus! Nessa and Ash midgets are stealing your things!
by VaAshSa April 27, 2008
The star of Disney Channel show Hannah Monatana. Miley is the daughter of American country singer Billy-Ray Cyrus.
Miley Cyrus is one of the cutest girls on TV at the moment
by Gareth Ronan August 17, 2006
A teenager who is very talented. One who act with poise, elegance and sofistication. Miley Cryus is pretty much the best pop star/teen actress to walk the face of the earth ever.
i know right Miley Cyrus is awesome
by preppygirl101 April 22, 2008
Hannah Montana on drugs
Miley Cyrus was trying to twerk with her flat ass.
by TheChinita December 14, 2014
Another name for Cocaine. Comes from the song Hannah Montana by Migos where he refers to cocaine as Hannah Montana.
"Hey man do you have that Miley Cyrus?"
"Yeah dawg I got that fish scale Hannah Montana "
by i<3mybffnicole November 18, 2014
The girl you see licking hammers in every Walmart you go to.
Yo, that girl, she lick like Miley Cyrus
by Cloud 9 Education November 04, 2014

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