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1) The disease a person may contract while having sex on an airplane. It comes from exposing your genitals around the high density of methane.
2) The direction the toilet swirls down the drain in Australia.
1) Marlyn joined the mile-high club on the trip to Phoenix, but three weeks later she discovered Miley Cyrus on her labia majora. It required laser surgery to remove the cyst.
2) Joey was so interested in the Miley Cyrus when he was done with his dump that he inadvertently produced some Dingoberries. Fortunately the tour guide was experienced with his outback.
"Whoa, hold on there, mate, don't yank up yer Draks just yet. I haven't had me Brekkie yet, and it looks like the Dingo's been circling your Freckle.
by Wisk January 30, 2008
Disposable seriously she has no talent why is she here
Miley cyrus sucks we don't need her
by hello you123 August 28, 2008
Miley Cyrus is a tool. I will now go on to make fun of some of her song names because I can do so.

Bottom of the Ocean - Where you should be at this current point in time.
Closet Full of Clothes - Yes, Miley. A closet is normally where clothes reside.
Creeper of my Heart - Wtf?
Don't Walk Away - Too bad.
I Don't Feel Beautiful - I wonder why.
I Want To Be Your Baby - No.
I'm Ready for Love - BITCH YOU'RE 12.
If We Were A Movie - No one would watch.
Old Blue Jeans - Wtf?
Rockstar - Like you know anything about being a fucking "rockstar".
The Bone Dance - Wtf?

Her song lyrics are beyond shitty.

One of Miley Cyrus' stupid songs:
There was this guy,
A little smaller,
He was great,
And I was taller.
He was the one I needed.
I asked him out,
But he said no,
Just wanna be friends,
But I'm sorry though.
So I begged and pleeded
So I was left heart broken.
And no more words were spoken.
The next day he didn't even speak.
I looked away I felt so week.
I didn't even get one kiss.
How the samheck can he do this.
But he thinks it's alright again.
So now still we are just friends.

Is this what the world of music is coming to? Seriously? Those have got to be some of the worst lyrics to any song ever. Whoever wrote that song (it was probably not her on account of I doubt she writes any of her songs because she's most likely too busy brainwashing kids and destroying braincells) should probably just stop writing songs now. Like, right now.
by LAAAAA. October 20, 2008
A slutty no talented whore!! The next Lindsay Lohan Or worse yet Brittany Spears Worst thing to happen to the planet EVER!!!!! She's boobless bootyless and has the absolute WORST singing voice ever!!!! She claims to be a rocker but only sings poppy bublegum crap!! If you like her your a fucking lifeless homo! =]
Little Girl:Mommy, Mommy! Miley is like so cool!! I wanna be just like her! Yay Miley Cyrus!!!!

Mom:Nooo!!!! Someone kill me!! Hun be a stripper the world doesn't need another Miley!!!
by MandaKaye=] September 02, 2008
A narcissistic, ubiquitous whorebag.
That Miley Cyrus is so full of herself and her pictures are everywhere you look. She's also probably a whorebag.
by Dale Allen August 18, 2008
Another Disney-Money-Maker. A wanna-be Vanessa Hugens , Hilary Duff , and Briteny Spears who is extremely vain. She "sings" songs about her fame, also known as Hannah Montanna . She doesn't even sing, it's pretty much talking, no wonder why she is so talentless . She got it from her ugly dad. Is also a bad actor with a fake accent. She is selfish, rude, vain, and talentless. She thinks she is the best singer in the world. No one (with common sense) knows why she even got famous. Wait, it's because of her washed-out ugly dad!
Miley: Aren't me iz an FANTABULOUS singer?
Person with a brain: No.
Person with a brain: Yeah, that's why my ears and eyes bleed!
Miley: Well, NOBODY'S PERFECT! I gotta work it! Again and -but wait.... I'm Miley Cyrus so I'm perfect!
8 year old that brainwashed because Miley is such a ugly bad singer: YEAH! HANNY MONTANNY U ARE LIKE SO AWESOME!
Miley: Noooo, I'm Miley~ Because I like PUNK. (and yet she is wearing pink lol)
Miley: Good night everybody! Thank you for being spoiled little brats for begging your parents into wasting their life-time paycheck!
Fans (in a robot voice): Anything for you, Hanny Montanny!
Miley: FOR THE LAST TIME I'M PUNK! Now I gtg for a manicure with ponies! (lol)
Miley: Oh yeah, I forgot, I need to pose for Vanity Fair again!

2. Fan: Do you like Hanny Monntanny?
Person: No, and all of the fans are such posers! If you were a true fan you would know it's Miley Cyrus, and she doesn't even sing, she talks!
Fan: Your stooped.
Person: It's YOU'RE STUPID and that's not even an insult!
Fan: What?
Fan: WAAA!
by Youare Astalker August 28, 2008
1. The worlds deadliest weapon, has been known to destroy worlds with just one verse from her music
2. The Daughter of country star Satin, um i mean Billy Ray Cyrus
3. Disney Drone, known for brain washing millions of children between the ages of 3-14 with her music
4. Also known as Hannah montana, Teenage "Pop" star and failure to the Human race.
Man 1 -" Hey have you seen the new Miley Cyrus concert!!! "
Man 2 - Why would I Miley cyrus sucks!"
Man 1 - "Yea but shes hot! "
Man 2 - " Are you Gay or something?"
Man 1 - "yes..."
by Fanofrealmusic April 03, 2009
1. Untalented whore, Posts nude photos for girls and says shes selling them for "charity"

2. Crack head with 12 kids she dosent know about, has had breast implementation 5 times.

Most rejected person in the world and needs to find a boy friend. Ps. did i mentions shes gay?
Miley cyrus walks into the store and a girl says" OMG IT MILEY" "LETS KILL HER"
by Noah D whitehouse February 06, 2009