1) The disease a person may contract while having sex on an airplane. It comes from exposing your genitals around the high density of methane.
2) The direction the toilet swirls down the drain in Australia.
1) Marlyn joined the mile-high club on the trip to Phoenix, but three weeks later she discovered Miley Cyrus on her labia majora. It required laser surgery to remove the cyst.
2) Joey was so interested in the Miley Cyrus when he was done with his dump that he inadvertently produced some Dingoberries. Fortunately the tour guide was experienced with his outback.
"Whoa, hold on there, mate, don't yank up yer Draks just yet. I haven't had me Brekkie yet, and it looks like the Dingo's been circling your Freckle.
by Wisk January 30, 2008

Satan spawn that thrives on the cesspool that is Disney channel
miley cyrus destroys the minds of girls 4-13
by Hello You April 24, 2008
A Mentally Retarded person who cannot sing or act, who comes from a distant planet who has gooten recently into a scandal. Most likely to become a junkie.
Dude that person is a miley cyrus
by Imaginaryperson June 09, 2008
Hitler combined with the average head cheerleader.
She makes 12 year old children jump up in happiness over her
trashy, annoying, nosily voice.
She kind of looks like a creepy rat in disguise and her lyrics are
cheesy crap.
"WOW, so do you think Miley Cyrus will be in rehab next month or this month?!"
by OliviaaaC. May 19, 2008
Future Britney Spears
Miley Cyrus will most likely be in rehab by the age of 17
by Lisaaaaaa May 04, 2008
Daughter of washed up Country star Billy Ray Cyrus.
An overrated teen pop star (who apparently thinks she is a rockstar) that enjoys:
Taking Racey Photos
Brainwashing Young Children
Sucking the money out of every parent on the planet Earth

Many people assume she is going to be next in line for the ruined Disney stars, right after Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, etc.
These people assume correctly.
She is also known for making dumb videos for YouTube with her best friend, Mandy (age 20).
Not to mention cheating on Jonas Brothers lead singer/guitarist/drummer Nick Jonas.
She claims fame will not get to her head, but it obviously has.
Not to mention, she keeps rescuing dogs that just happen to be wondering around in her neighborhood.
Real Story or Set Up?
Her acting is not nearly as good as most actors, but she still gets more money than she should.
Many fans will end up acting like they never even liked her, similar to all the ex-fans of Britney Spears.
Fan: Miley Cyrus is AMAZING!
*2 years later*
Same Fan: MIley Cyrus is in rehab? Oh My! I knew that was gonna happen all along!
by Joerra May 26, 2008
A disney channel robot, star of Hannah Montana, and obv, the ugliest girl I have seen to date. She parades around in her underwear like its okay. She sends grossly innapropriate pictures to people, thinking there not gonna get on the Internet. Shes gonna be a washed-up Disney Channel star one day, probably paying for rent, by standing at a corner. Her fathers washed up too, and theres nothing to help his "Achy-Breaky Heart." I hope everyone knows how much of a slut Miley is, and how bad a role model she is. IF you say different, your fucked in the head.
"Ugh, your being such a goddamn Miley Cyrus"

Daughter: "Mom, I wanna be like Miley Cyrus."
Mom: "Honey, please don't use that word around the house."
by Hallee Jonas July 13, 2008
Who: Cyrus, Miley

What: A skank who thinks she's so hot and can sing. She love to throw herself all over her boyfriend when theres a camera in the room, wait, she loves throwing herself all over any guy. PROTECT YOUR BOYFRIENDS, LADIES!

Where: Usually found in her bed/bedroom with new bff Many Girox.{What happened to Lesly?} Or in her bed/bedroom with her boyfriend. Or in a hotel hallway with random girls she shares candy with.

When: Rehab probably this summer. She staggers like a drunk woman on stage. Wait i mean a drunk slut.
ew Miley Cyrus had a hang over and she barfed all over Thomas's shoes and he dumped her
by nickoobadoo May 21, 2008
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