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The given name for the extremely homoerotic relationship between Alex Turner and Miles Kane. Music soulmates, these two met when they were both just seventeen, hitting it off with their shared interests and uncanny similarities. Eg: Their love for John Lennon. From that moment on their friendship grew and continued to flourish, so much so that they formed The Last Shadow Puppets, both wanting to explore something, musical preferences, that they weren't able to accommodate within their own bands. The duo proved to be a success. Nor did it escape anybody's notice of their complete disregard for personal space. Miles even remarking that he liked it when Alex wore red jeans, especially when they were 'tight'. There's no escaping the love that these two gorgeous men have for each other. They might consider themselves 'brothers' or 'bezzies' but come on, who are they fooling...At least release an annual tlsp album and maybe we'll shut up.
Girl 1: Milex?

Girl 2: You mean those two musicians who can't seem to stop staring at each other and look like they want to kiss the fuck out of each other and don't seem to realize that there are people watching them because they're in their own glorious Beatles rainbow world. Yeah, I ship it.
by RecklessRearrange July 12, 2013
the sock company ruled by a ms. C and a mr A.
the monopoly over socks is controlled by milex
by Alex September 16, 2003
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