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The opposite of the mile high club, where the requirement for membership is to have sex below the surface of the earth. Also applies to submarines.
Guy #1: I heard he went spelunking with his girlfriend last week. Apparently he joined the Mile Low Club.

Guy #2: Aww yeah I'd explore her cave alllllll night long.
Nazi Soldier #1: U-Boat 96 just got back. I heard the captain joined the MLC while they were at sea, chicka chicka yeah chicka chicka.

Nazi Soldier #2: Nasty dude, that was an all-male expedition!
by arrivez à l'helico February 11, 2010
A much less glamorous version of the mile high club. If you've ever jerked off on a plane then then you're in the mile low club.
Trent: Yo did you just crank one out in the airplane toilet?

Albert: Yeah (hangs head in shame)

That's low dude. You're in the mile low club now.
by JohnnyRico77 February 22, 2009
basicly the opposite of the mile high club your just in a submarine instead of an airplane
"hey man guess what i did!" "What?" "became a member of the mile low club!" "no way!"
by zciwonadz October 15, 2008
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