Top Definition
A word that exceeds hilarious on many accounts.
That show was very milarious. It's my new favorite comedy.
by Eason Thomas (creator of the word) November 05, 2004
When you think you are funnier than you really are, you are Milarious. Although it rhymes with hilarious, you are often far from achieving anything remotely funny
That's so funny, it's Milarious
by taaango March 20, 2006
marked by or causing malaria.

Something so funny it causes one to contract malaria.
Your hair style looks milarious.

I saw this milarious movie on television, it cracked my shit up.
by It's pronounced Gina December 08, 2010
The hilarious raping of a person dying from malaria.
while watching a person with malaria getting raped: "Thats milarious!" "There's nothing more milarious than someone getting raped while simultaneously coughing up blood."
by Homie Erectus December 11, 2010
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