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last name of alyssa milano the girl from charmed
alyssa milano is a sexy hot bitch
by dada April 05, 2004
47 54
A cookie made by Petridge Farm
These Milano Cookies are fucking awesome!
by Artie Milano November 28, 2005
132 58
another way of saying mulatto. as in a person who is half black and half white. theyre probably the coolest people you'll ever meet!
dang that is one hot milano!
by aliceeeee August 08, 2006
133 75
Best city in the world!
I was born and raised in Milano.
by Martina May 22, 2004
79 72
Half black, Half White.
You guys are so tan, you look milano!
by Anne_233 June 20, 2006
64 61
A person who is half white and half black.
I didn't Bob was a milano.
by r7g41 October 15, 2010
17 18
Originating from a rouge Milano cookie, the exclamation "Milanos!" is used to express surprise over the uncalled for invasion of one's private crotch space with the hand or other body part.
Joe called Milanos on Jeff when Jeff accidentally put his hand on Joe's thigh
by Milano-man September 22, 2008
2 4
white on the outside, black on the inside
x:yo that white kid should be black

y: yeah dawg hes a milano
by JesseJackson July 22, 2008
24 31