First Football team founded in milan in 1899.
Capable of winning everything, but also losing in the worst ways: UEFA Champs League Final @ Istanbul, Milan 3 - 3 Liverpool -> Reds Champs after penalties..

The only reason they win is beacuase they get money form the current Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi (a piece of shit). Of course, money is not the principal reason, the thing is that Berlusconi is a mobster, so he threatens the referees so they make little favors during the match for his team. Before he became owner of the club, AC Milan were in Serie B (Italian Second Div.)...
Milanista, ad Istanbul non sono venuto, ma non sai quanto ho goduto!!!
by Vic3 June 28, 2005
(n) Intelligent, Good flow, a person that knows what to say and when to say it, life of the party. A man that attracts anyone and everyone.
Oh snap, that dude over there is such a Milan! I so would like to have him tonight!
by December 20, 2004
A wonderful friend and girlfriend that puts everyone in a good mood
Milan: "You look great today"
by It's all me January 25, 2013
1. Name: Milans are beautiful, brilliant, and have wonderful personalities. They brighten up everyone's day.

2. A city in Italy.
1. Kevin was feeling pretty bad until he met the new girl. She was probably a Milan.

2. For our vacation, let's go to Milan, Italy.
by Fegelland May 22, 2013
the most amazing sexiest, mixed race person who is very popular and enjoys the party life and has some Italian in them
also they enjoy a good laugh and are up for wild nights and getting pissed !
for a good time get milan .......we need milan tonight
sexy party fun
by suppermann_11 July 20, 2011
Technically a village in Ohio, and is the birthplace of Thomas Edison (which is what the whole town is based around) Attractions include the Invention Restaurant, Jim's Pizza Box, Edison High School, and about 10 too many antique stores.
Person 1: Let's move to Milan, Ohio!

Person 2: Let's not.
by Jennifer44857 February 22, 2009
A Floridian Gipsy with a severe speach impediment. Can often be seen feltching on breaks during his long days at the melon farm. Can read over 800 words per minute (sorta).
That gipsy Milan is stealing gerbils again!
by esteban's twin May 06, 2007
Not getting your dick up
ahw man fuck, i have a milan again.
by bootsygirl February 05, 2012

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