Mike Portnoy is an overrated drummer who is idolized mainly by amateur drummers or mindless fans who are into insipid music.
The problem with Mike Portnoy is that he never escapes his comfort zone to expand his playing style, he does simplistic fills and drum solos and is a god in the eyes of his tasteless fans. Mike Portnoy also sounds the same in everything he does; listening to him play becomes tedious, watching him play is boring; he has no style, he hardly has any dynamics what so ever and he looks like a fuckwit.

Mike's drum kit is unpractical as it is literally two(2) drum kits which means that he will physically have to get up and walk over to the other half of his drum kit to play some songs. I mostly think that people are having trouble trying to understand the difference between having a big drum kit and having skill; thus, he is the best drummer because he has a huge drum kit! -Fan logic.

When expressing your opinion on Mike Portnoy you will suddenly become bombarded by his dumb fans who have the reasoning skills of children: they will ask you to upload a video of your playing skills (for some reason) and they will endlessly reprimand you for having an opinion.
Person 1: "I've decided to do a Mike Portnoy."
Person 2:"What does that mean?"
Person 1:"Well, I'm not going to shave or make it look like I have had a shower for months and start doing simplistic distasteful things on my drum kit."

Person 1: "How do I become an amazing drummer even though I'm not really progressing or challenging myself?"
Person 2: "Just buy a 22 piece drum kit and you'll be the best drummer ever!"
by Delirium92 June 01, 2013
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