Singer who found fame in Faith No More. Later used his fame to boost Mr Bungle (who were an excellent, excellent band), but never received the attention they deserved.
Quit Faith No More, and then quit Mr Bungle, and now makes a lot of tepid music under different monikers.
Embarressed by the fact he blatantly copied Anthony Kiedis, even though he was light years ahead in terms of talent and originality, and his dress sense in the early 90's late 80's, and his part in the 'funk metal' scene, and the fact Faith No More are called the Godfather's of Nu-Metal.
Also slightly embarressed by his typical late teen/early twenties' adventures. Now pushing his thinning career into cult (shit) films roles.
Check out Mike Patton on 'Mr Bungle' 'Disco Volante' 'Angel Dust'
by SMiek March 31, 2006
A musical genius who can master his voice to any style from hip-hop to metal. Also a member of many influental bands, including Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, and Fantomas.
Mike Patton is a great vocalist.
by weener March 27, 2003
A man who recorded his first album in 1989 with influential band Faith No More and promoted Mr. Bungle (the best bnad ever) in the process, and then went on to work in Tomahawk and Fantomas, also gonad kicking groups. Also known as the best person in the music industry with a razorblade sense of humor and a tendency to work 14 things at a time like a motherfucker.
Mike Patton is the best thing since sliced bread.
by Anal Cunt July 29, 2003
absolute fucking genius
just listen to anything he's recorded
by Nic Bucknall August 11, 2004
the man who knocks the socks off musical expectations
mike patton f*cking rocks.
by firefaery July 20, 2004
One of the most versatile voices ever. Mike Patton never ripped off Kiedis' style his voice has far too much range. Many try to imitate him(Serj Tankian, Johnathon Davis, etc.) but to no avail.
My favorite vocalist is Mike Patton.
by Traveling Bob July 28, 2006
Greatest vocalist in metal. Sung for Faith No More in place of the previously awful vocalist Chuck Mosely. He got the job based on a demo he handed FNM from his work with Mr Bungle. He worked these two bands together and made some messy and random music with Mr Bungle, all 3 albums vary greatly in genre, showcasing his diverse ability. His first album with FNM- The Real Thing was an epic 80's album although Angel Dust and the sub-sequent albums essentialy created the nu-metal genre. After the splitting of Faith No More he went into Fantomas, an even stranger band than Mr Bungle. In Fantomas. he rarely uses lyrics, instead using his voice as an instrument creating a variety of obscure noises. His latest band is the more linear Tomahawk. He's also performed on Dillinger Escape Plan EP- Irony is a Dead Scene and ventured into rap with General Patton vs The X Ecuctioners there's also his experimental solo work.
"Shit man, this music is the fucking shit!"

"Who is it?"

"Mike fucking Patton, you dig?"

"Yeah, Patton owns"
by Albino March 20, 2005
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