a total acid freak. doesn't ask a girl out until she literally hands him a condom. sucks at halo. superior music taste. imma marry him.
Man, I heard Mike was a total acid freak.

Yeah, he can go an hour without doin' a thing.
by toy truck September 25, 2010
boy who has hair resembling a lion
that guy needs a hair cut, has a mike
by raedel April 15, 2010
a kind of bowel movement, at least a three and golden brown, the kind of brown you want your marshmellows.
"Hey check this out"
"Woah, nice mike"
by mike zylstra January 16, 2008
a douche who breaks up with a girl on her birthday and finds another girlfriend within 2 weeks that is 4 years younger than him!
mike broke up wit me on my bday

wat a douch
by mikeisanass January 07, 2010
slightly ginger with little bits of blonde, he is the king of the lands, he reserves the right to pick all the fair maidens for his tupping.
here comes mike king of all the land
by long serving queen of mike February 22, 2010
Mike is a name chosen by stupid persian guys who want to be american and are usually named Mohammad, or some other M name. they tend to be flashy but broke as hell, and try to pick up on mexican girls because they cant get persian pussy.
Hey that mike picked up on maria the mexican chick
by Behnaz February 27, 2008
A nickname for a skinny ass white boy whos name is actually michael. They tend to be fake and trick valnurable girls so they can get what they want. They tend to be very horny and very shallow. They will take any ass they can get but they will only date girls who they think are smoking hot. Basically they dont care about anyone but themselves and will do anything for a good laugh.
Omg I cant believe I fell for Mike again im so stupid!
by chucknorris103 June 14, 2009

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