A singer/songwriter/artist/founding member from the band linkin park. He was also a founding member in fort minor. I don't like most rap, but Mike is amazing. His pro-flo and use of piano/violin leave most other rappers in the dirt. He is never misogynistic and is rarely profane. He's like a modern-day Common. (If you don't know who that is, look him up) Most people on here are teenyboppers who have no knowledge of artistic ability and only like Mike because he's hawt.
Mike Shinoda is an artist, and should not be known for being a "xXxH4wt@zzRawkSt4rrxXx", but for being an extremely talented musician.
by Royal Flush August 07, 2008
Top Definition
The second vocalist of Linkin Park, whos role is the MC/rapper/harmony. He is from Augora California, and is half-american, half-japanese. In 2003 he married his longtime girlfriend, Anna Lovejoy. Another role that he plays in the band is creating the album art, and also collaborates on the graphics for the band's website.
Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington are the vocalists for Linkin Park.
by Stigma July 09, 2004
Discription: very good looking with simplicity. Dark brown hair, "knowing" brown eyes, tall, manly, and he grins a lot. Long artistic fingers, big sincere smile, and built strong.
A very clean, good guy who is kind hearted and wise. He is talented and creative; handsome and funny. He's young at heart, yet mature and artistic. He's a rich and famous rockstar from the nu-metal band, Linkin Park, who at the same time could qualify for "the nice guy next door." He's a good role model and a great addition to the rock world. He married for love, not wealth. He is good to his fans and his bandmates. He is strength and love. He is Mike Shinoda.
Mike Shinoda is my hero, not for looks, but for being so human.
by jennirainbo February 11, 2004
Everybody here is saying how "HOT" Mike is.....but you all have to write about how amazingly talented he is and about his great style!! I think he would want everyone to compliment him on that too. Right guys??!! 8-)
Mike please tell your band to come to Switzerland to play a concert! Switzerland loves you guys!!!!
by Lisa February 29, 2004
A.K.A. The Glue, Mike is what makes Linkin Park what they are! Not only does he sing and plays guitar, keyboards and piano; he also writes most of L¶'s lyrics and composes most of the music as well. He's the band member that brings rock and hip-hop together in Linkin Park's music!! He truly is... The Glue!
Just listen to L¶... you'll understand what I mean!
by superphil007 January 31, 2004
Mike Kenji Shinoda.
Emcee and Sampler of rock band
Married to Anna Lovejoy.
he is 6ft .
black hair brown eyes(very sexy eyes).
loves to paint and design things.
Designed the covers to the band's cd covers.
Went to Agoura high School.
graduated in 1995.
Birthday- February 11th,1977.
in his spair time when he goes home he paints and or writes songs.
he is a major hottie and in his spair time and actually all the time he is busy being hott!
he is sooooooooooo hott!!!!!
by Carina Serrano January 07, 2004
a very very sexy man indeed.
mike shinoda is sex on legs.
by shiz March 23, 2005
Mike was born 2/11/1977 in Angora. California. He is an artist, a musition, and a husband. He is Fine and smart and so talented. I'm a die hard fan and won't scream if I meet him. He is part of linkin park and is 1/2Japanese And 1/2Anerican. He is a good role modle and is the the 1 thing that keeps the band together.
TiaMike is my role modle
AshleyMike is hot
TiaYes but he is also cool
by {TIA} Faulkenberry February 12, 2005
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