NHL player (Washington Caps).

Dan Aykroyd's hockey playing twin. Both are Canadian, look/are overweight and have a receding hairline.

The second most unattractive player for the Washington Caps. His girlfriend's name is Gr8. She eats children and small furry animals.

Drives a car designed by douchebags for douchebags.
Mike Green: My name is Mike Lambor-Green-hi!!! Ain't I clever, eh?

Gr8: ARghvgqliwbvü098r0z8vgob048tr9^74tz873gtf87u
Play hard I Crosby no good I better I dum dum dum I Stanley Cup I in Brooksy ass I liiiiike it warm
by The Happy Humanist February 13, 2010
Top Definition
A sexy beast Washington Capitals hockey player that is the best defenseman in the history of the NHL.

Also see sexy beast and Washington Capitals

Not to be confused with Alex Ovechkin
Girl 1: Did you see Ovie in the Caps game last night! He was amazing!

Girl 2: Um, I wasn't paying any attention to that no-front-tooth guy, Mike Green pwned. He broke a record!
by JGoose13 February 15, 2009
Tennis player for University of Alabamawent pro played in Davis-Cup. Ranked 12 in Unites States Tennis AssociationUSTA

Professional Known Tattoo Artist resides in New Orleans.
Tattoos alot of new orleans rappers and musicians.
souija slim,BG,kane & abel
That boy Mike Green is a beast on the court!

That artist who tats BG is Mike Green
by ms. weezy June 08, 2010
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