Radical Vegetarian that everybody likes

she is uberly radical
everyone thinks shes emo but shes not

animal lover
awesome friend
always fun on a bun
shes such a mikaela
by Veggygirl714 August 20, 2009
An extremely hot blonde girl from sweden.
She's got a fucking amazing body and perfects tits.
She looks like a porn-star in bed but not one of the old ugly ones the expensive sexy ones that everyone wanks to.
She likes to have fun and party.
She's the craziest lightweight you'll ever meet.
Fuckin AMAZING in bed.
I just had the best sex ever with this girl named Mikaela. Now I'm thinking we should get married.
by gsFRESSHH October 19, 2010
a hot greek colombian girl
Mikaela is beautiful!
by mikaela v January 24, 2008
What to name a child if they are really white, and going to grow up to be mean.
Hmmmm, that is one white baby, how about Mikaela honey?
by snavE December 19, 2007

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