A Term relating to money, or cash. Usually a larger amount
"Hey, i just got my Cheque; I'm going to run down to the bank and get myself some mika"

"Hey bro you've got a mad stack of mika in that wallet"

" I made a huge amount of Mika this summer"
by Jkl-Cevop September 25, 2009
A pompous, egotistical ass. One who abuses authority and lets it go to his head. A self proclaimed god, albeit, a pretty shitty one.
That fucking moderator is being such a mikas, what a douche.
by An interested third party July 07, 2009
defining the law of intelligence; stupid
The joke he just said was totally mika
by Ms.Doglover March 26, 2011
Maneater; cheating women whos main objective is to steal the souls of men while pissing off everybody around him. has few friends and has a severe craving for having a baby
Dude! have u met zachs new girlfriend?

Yea bro i heard shes a complete Mika.
by waka joe January 02, 2011
British slang for a male with no testicles.
Mika the singer.
by Acedaddyyo January 23, 2010
British slang for a male with no testicles.
Mika the singer, his voice is celestial.
He hits the high notes, because he has no testicles.
by Acedaddyyo January 23, 2010
Def. 1: A whørë, slut, and any other kind degrading sexual term.

Def. 2: A fat blob of black or clear oil in someone's path. The clear oil most likely is sperm.

One day, my friend went to get some action. Too bad he hooked up with a mika.

There was a spill that looked a lot like a Mika.
by MJRV21 April 13, 2009

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