Perfect. A pop indie singer who might just have dumbass pre-teen girls after him one day. But as of now, he's pretty amazing in the indie world. Let's keep it that way...
Dumbass: MIKA is sooooooooo cute!

Indie: Ugh stfu and go listen to fall out boy or panic! at the gay
by Marialejandra June 14, 2007
British slang for a male with no testicles.
Mika the singer, his voice is celestial.
He hits the high notes, because he has no testicles.
by Acedaddyyo January 23, 2010
the most amazing girl u will ever meet! usually asian and very attarctive. she lovable, nice, sweet, and funny. she is an outgoing people person and is always up for a good time!
me: "hey you know that mika chic?"
friend: " ya dude shes bangin!"
by poop*bacon*love July 05, 2011
A very beautiful woman, that can definitely change your life, she will make you the happiest and luckiest guy in the world. You will not regret meeting her.
"I need a Mika in my world."
by M&Mpants December 08, 2013
The most bad ass asian you will ever meet. Mikas tend to be very cute, while still being able to kick your ass.
Yuki: Did you see Mika today?
Luke: Yeah, she kicked my ass, but she is still so cute.
Yuki: True dat.
by Maddie10134 January 21, 2012
A Term relating to money, or cash. Usually a larger amount
"Hey, i just got my Cheque; I'm going to run down to the bank and get myself some mika"

"Hey bro you've got a mad stack of mika in that wallet"

" I made a huge amount of Mika this summer"
by Jkl-Cevop September 25, 2009
Def. 1: A whørë, slut, and any other kind degrading sexual term.

Def. 2: A fat blob of black or clear oil in someone's path. The clear oil most likely is sperm.

One day, my friend went to get some action. Too bad he hooked up with a mika.

There was a spill that looked a lot like a Mika.
by MJRV21 April 13, 2009
Mika is a shit pop singer who somehow managed to gain the number 1 spot in the UK in January 2007. His talents include copying other people's vocal styles, creating tunes that make you want to kill yourself because they are so annoying, oh and he has alien feet. He also loves himself more than fat kids love cake. Mika = CRAP!
"I hate Mika, his songs are shit"
by JamJar April 18, 2007
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