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Complete Awesomeness or to be extremely talented and sexy at the same time especially in sports.Being a Mihas is common in Greek people.
I'm feeling pretty Mihas today
by Mihas February 14, 2009
1. When one trips over air when walking on a flat surface, usually happens anywhere at any given time; it varies from once to ten times a day.

2. When you fail to walk like a sane person.
Person 1:
"Hey, guys!
You remember yesterday when -" (trips over on a flat pavement)

Her friends:(all laugh)

Person 2:"Not another Miha ..." (slaps forehead)

Someone watching from afar: "Look at her, she's done a Miha. Again. I think it was ten times this week..."
by F-Piplup June 29, 2010
Miha means daughter and Spanish.
My miha told me she skipped class I'm so proud
by Alohagirl January 17, 2014