An ugly person, usually referring to an ugly girl or woman. Yiddish slang.
That fat lady could stop a plane; she's so fucking ugly she's a "mieskeit!"
by Zippyjet July 08, 2006
Top Definition
The opposite of a beauty queen. Usually refers to a fat, ugly smelly girl or woman. Best described as Fugly. Can be found in large numbers at Mc Donalds and Wal-Mart eating greasy fast food.
If this Mieskeit was my blind date, I'd tell her/it, I'm
a Fanook who likes quiche, show tunes, Barbara Streissand, Bette Midler and art films.
I got ripped off by a dating service who matched me up with fat, frumpy, Fugly Mieskeit women with short hair and kankles. :-(
by Simon July 08, 2006
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