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A fun person, always their for her friends. Knows when to ignore big lies and liers.
Lets party like a Mieke
by Heather March 11, 2005
A crazy musically talented person. Someone who is so talented musically, Juilliard is trying to kidnap them.
Irrelevant Person: "Yo, how many instruments do you play guuuuuurl?"

Girl: "Oh lol, iono, just 7 and I compose symphonies in my spare time..."

Irrelevant Person: "Oh SHIT! Yo must be Mieke!"
by 4frm ur poop August 02, 2011
A hilarious person. A Mieke can always make you laugh and all the boys are in love with her. Mieke is always there for her friends and is incredibly athletic. Mieke's are extremely musically and athletically talented. But they lack in keeping secrets and shutting their mouthes.
Dang, that girl is so good at sports, she must be a Mieke.
by Geoff Hewen November 30, 2013
A sell-out. Someone who compromises who they are in order to get others to like them. Someone with mixed up priorities. A bad friend.
That girl is such a Mieke.
by anonymous January 22, 2005

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