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booty bitch The Wood junction gang initiation target collegiate
The congested and generic urban public school located in Brooklyn, NY where students are able to walk down the elite houses of Bedford avenue and onto the industrial, risky yet entertaining slums of The Junction. It is where the student must sign in a marble notebook set up by an unkind Haitian woman in order to piss in the flooded soap less paper towel-less bathroom. Where the hall passes are the size of your torso and bold and yellow. Where you find your usual bitches and beasts. Where the much prided new science annex has malfunctioning heat and the shiny bathrooms are exclusive only to the The Phantom of The Wood. Where you either become bulldozed or the bulldozer while inching your way through the overly populated and intimate currents of students during hallway passing. Therefore, swipe that ID card…and welcome to Midwood.
thuggish black man-student to pure defenseless bookbag laden freshman boy in Midwood High School auditorium: "Where ma money? Where ma money? Welcome to Midwood.. Where ma money?"
by vixsisodrol December 05, 2008
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