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The act of dropping a newborn on its head shortly after birth.
Please direct your thoughts and prayers to little Jimmy, Nurse Butterfingers had a midwife crisis.
by Aaron Gibbs September 02, 2007
When a married woman with kids hits 40, decides its a good time in her life to attempt re-living her 20s, bails on her marriage of multiple years and proceeds to dive off the deep end of craziness, partying, and dating any guy who will pay attention to her.
Dude, don't talk to that chick. She's gone insane, and she's knee-deep in a mid-wife crisis!
by awestruck July 30, 2013
The period of time after a divorce when a man gets in shape, buys new clothes and a flashy car. Usually fairly short lived as remarriage is imminent. Very similar to a midlife crises but not age related.
Have you seen John's new wardrobe? Ever since his divorce he is having total midwife crisis.
by CardWa January 22, 2008
A state of anxiety triggered by finding oneself in the process of giving birth
"Oh my God- I'm having a midwife crisis!"
by 321 barbie February 06, 2012
When a midwife is performing a long and vigorous delivery and needs to change her tampon desperately
The baby cried too much because of a midwife crisis.
by Andy K April 18, 2004

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