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Middletown, Pennsylvania is the oldest town in Dauphin County and is among the most dreadful also. Once a town full of 19th century money, it is now a conglomeration of white and ethnic trash that thrive on section 8 living. The town is host to the lovely TMI - Three Mile Island nuclear power plant that might as well have obliterated the town in its' near meltdown back in the late 1970's. The town is now just a hodge-podge of poorly maintained vinyl and aluminum sided structures that somewhat resemble ghetto housing, cops that are notorius for overstepping their boundaries and citizens that resemble skid row. Don't waste your time, energy or thoughts on this deplorable place.
"Oh yes, Middletown Pennsylvania is the ghetto located in Dauphin County near Three Mile Island and Pennstate Harrisburg.
by YoBabyGayDaddy January 29, 2012

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