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Middleburg, VA is one of the oldest towns in America, located in Northern Virginia, about 45 miles west of Washington, D.C. It is the orange county of the east coast. Middleburg residents are the richest and most beautiful people you will ever meet. They also happen to be the smartest - a large percentage having gone to an Ivy league college. It's rolling hills are home to many lavish horse farms that have horses that probably cost more than your two cars combined. Not that they stay here during the winter - of course they all go down to Palm beach to show at WEF. Middleburg is also widely known for its top notch schools, such as Foxcroft Boarding School for Girls right outside of the town.
Yes, although when walking down the street in middleburg you will see Mercedes, BMWs, Land Rovers, and the occasional Lamborghini, as well as Aramani clad men and women in head to toe Chanel, Middleburg is still made up of nice people who use their wealth to their benefit but also for the benefit of others less fortunate then them.
Valley bitch: I hate Middleburg, VA and foxcroft girls.
Valley bitch 2: yeah they are so much more richer and smarter than us. I wish i was as pretty as them, and i wish i could play sports like them.
Valley bitch: omg i know, but i mean lets just go get drunk and have sex with all of our friends. and then go to mcdonalds okay?
Valley bitch2: sounds like our typical weekend. Im game.

Middleburg girl 1: Hey want to go to lunch at the uppercrust with our guy friends?
middleburg girl 2: yeah definitely! let me go get my jimmy choos and we can go.

middleburg resident 1: middleburg is against sprawl and wants to preserve the natural beauty of the town, and keep it as safe and quiet as possible.
developer: I dont give a shit. i want more money! yay sprawl lets kill all the animals

Middleburg boy 1: wow, we have so many hot friends! and they are all so classy! but i want quick ass...who should i call?
middleburg boy 2: anyone who goes to valley!

middleburg boy: Hey
valley girl: eat my corn hole.
middleburg boy: what?
valley girl: kiss the cheeks, eat the cornhole. EAT IT HOE!!! EAT ITTTT
middleburg boy: I should have stuck to girls in my own town...
by wfs09 October 28, 2007
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