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A southern suburb of Washington, DC that is located in the rolling hills of northern Virginia. This community of "trust fund babies" and selfish, shallow "richers" will not allow economic growth or an actual working "blue collar" sect of people into it's town. Populated by rich coke heads that have old English style names such as "Chadwick Dunston Elffson Watley III", Middleburg is known for it's anti-gun, anti-religion, pro-abortion liberalism as well as it's talent to look down upon actual working people, because of all the "Old Money" floating around. "Fox Hunting", "Steeple Chase" as well as other wealthy English sports are the main attraction in this shallow place to live. If you don't have money, and your ancestors weren't Protestants from the Mayflower, don't bother going near this town. They'll chase you out with their Land-Rovers, Mercedes, and Cadillac Escalades.
If you're poor, don't bother visiting Middleburg, Virginia.
by Johnny Hates NOVA August 04, 2005
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