1. Hell, basically. Your parents will tell you it's great, but it makes you feel like shit. For one thing, you're going through puberty and feel like shit. Another, everyone joins into cliques. If you're a girl, then if you don't have a chest or butt, you'll be made fun of. Relationships last for 2 weeks, basically after your first kiss you're done. The other girls will torment you, and basically bitch if you like the same bands as them or Heaven Forbid you wear the same clothes. Then all hell breaks loose, and your friends will ask you if the rumor that person spread is true or not. Yeah, that's a middle school girls life.

2. If you're a boy, then you've got it slightly easier. All the boys are so called 'Emos' or 'Skaters', and pervs. They will make a dirty joke after every sentence, and will grope girls nonstop. This is the years that they try to be class clowns, but fail, or they try to be 'badass' and fail.
Katie: Good Charlotte is totally my favorite band, lyke OMG Joel Madden is so hawt!
Terri: You poseur! Ugh, that is -so- totally my fave band! Bitch, now I have to spread a rumor!
Katie: OMG lyke I can't believe Terri would like spread that rumor, just after I broke up with my boyfriend of two weeks! Middle school like sucks!
Normal Person: You are so pathetic. It wasn't gonna last, anyway.

Sean: Yo, man. What's that Homework assignment we gotta do?
Kane: Yo, dude if Salina was my homework I'll do her every night.

Sean: Nah, man don't go there. You know she goes for Skaters, so I got a better chance.
Kane: No, but I'm emo. She sees these cuts she'll be like 'Whoa!'. I know I can make her see more then those cuts...
Sean and Kane: HAHA, Middle school sucks and rocks! We get a girlfriend, plus we're posers!
Sean: I'd ride her like a skateboard, dude...
Normal Person: Shut up, pervs! Keep that up and you'll never get a girl.
by DriedxTears April 30, 2009
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Hell. Everyone is a bunch of poseurs and brats. They all try to make you conform and listen to the same stupid music thinking they're cool. They all have Middle School Relationships that aren't real or serious and last about a week.
You have either 7 or 8 classes that are usually on thee opposite sides of campus. You must run and risk looking like a loser to your next class within the time they give you to get to class. You may be three seconds late but you'll probably have a bitch for a teacher that marks you as late and gives you a detention.
You'll be constantly stressed and won't get a chance to relax after waking up at 6:00am and then go to school for 6 hours, go home and do your shit-load of homework and still be expected to get to school on time and get amazing grades after getting to bed at midnight.
Then your teachers demand a binder for each class so you look like a huge nerd with a fifty pound backpack that you must run to each class with. In classes, you are forced to learn stupid ass shit you'll never use again and must remember just long enough to pass standardized tests and if you get a bad grade, your parents will criticize you to the point of tears but they just can't sympathize with you. Have fun!

All that stuff on TV about middle school being fun? Lies. All the fun stuff that happens in books? Never happens.
My teacher gave me so much fucking math homework I had to pull an all-nighter and then got detention for falling asleep during class.

Popular kids pointed and laughed as I ran with my fifty pound backpack to my next class. Of course, they all looked cool in Hollister skirts and Jansport backpacks that were all empty.

I'm finally done with middle school. I don't remember anything I learned.
by AprilW. May 12, 2012
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a jail made specifically for people between the ages of 11-14 so that they may be socially categorized and made fun of accordingly.
1.) Middle School sucked ass...
2.) Hey, welcome to Middle School. We will now exploit your differences and use them against you.
by Becka L S April 23, 2011
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The stupidest and most retarded place imaginable. Most of the kids are complete assholes, and are trying to look cool or be gangster, emo, goth, popular or a combination of the four. Most of the teachers suck, and are boring, mean, scary or annoying. Once in a blue moon will you get a good teacher. Fuck middle school. High school FTW.
I really want to blow up my old middle school.
by someone4763 September 14, 2011
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Pure shit. I'm going into 7th grade this year and couldn't go through one fucking year without having some 5-10 rumours about me spreading around. But enough about me.

In middle school (grades 6-8, sometimes 5-8 or 7-8), you are segregated into several groups by a bunch of shitholes that think they're better than you. The lunch food is crappy and overpriced and you have to struggle to keep your grades up, or else you fail.

6th graders act proud of themselves, but they're all dying inside. Well, after they read these definitions.

7th graders (except myself) act like they're the shit. The push 6th graders around as if they had never been that young.

8th graders are total dumbshits. They forgot everything they learned in middle school, which wasn't even much to start with.

There are 3 types of teachers:

The clever, funny ones who like to joke around with you. These teachers are disrespected because everyone is too stupid to understand their jokes.

The fun loving teachers who play games with the class and couldn't give two shits about your grades. Loved by all.

The crappy, boring, strict teacher that gives away more homework than necessary. Hated by all.

If you manage to get good, faithful friends like I did, stick with them. You'll be happy you did.
Julie: Hey, did you hear what Stephanie said about you?
Amy: No, what?
Julie: She thinks you're emo 'cuz you cut and dyed your hair.
Amy: Screw what she thinks! (promptly finds and beats Stephanie for being a dumbass) (sigh) I hate middle school!
by Amy Renée July 05, 2009
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term used to descibe immaturity about such things as sex, drugs and alcohol but is not limited to cheesyness
oh my god there he is!! do i look okay?!
shutup sara, you're so middleschool
by Gorgeous Me February 21, 2005
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1) A place that makes you want to have a labotomy. Girls in middle school talk all the time about their boyfriend of 1 week and claim to be "in love" with them. Little do these girls know that the boy just wants booty. Also, girls will make fun of other girls that aren't "developed" (i.e having a butt or a big chest). The teachers are complete vulcan idiots that punish a kid for writing on the desk which was a result of the teachers boring lesson plan. They give ridiculous amounts of homework on shit. Homework is as good as toilet paper. Everybody talks shit about you. You'd be lucky to have a few true friends. Also, you'll encounter a few dingleberries that try to turn you into something you're not. The popular kids are assholes. If you're not into MTV or the latest rap music you're considered a freak of nature. Anybody that has been through middle school will tell you it's an equivalence to a nazi death camp. No matter what you do, it's torture. Anybody that makes it to the last day of middle school will be happy to leave that shit hole for life!
Middle school is nothing but a steaming pile of bullshit for kids 11-14.

Good luck kids!
by LifestyleSpirit March 13, 2010
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