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One of five basic turd colors. A turd with a dark brown color and extremely fudgie consistency. Although this turd can be described as "healthy", it's lack of sufficient bile can cause one to use an excessive amount of toilet paper to properly clean ones butt hole.

This term may also be used to describe the 44th President of the United States.

Also see, Sweet Potatoe Orange, Jet Black, Jungle Green and Rutabaga Red.
I thought I'd never stop wiping that Mid-Night Brown.

The Mid-Night Brown left skid marks on the back of the crapper.

I wish that Mid-Night Brown would be impeached for treason, otherwise we have have to put up with another two years of the asshole.
by NCKnobster February 06, 2011
Defecating (expelling feces) in the middle of the night.
Haley excused herself from the 12:00 am showing of the movie to take a midnight brown.
by H. Windfield May 22, 2013
Taking a dump in a friend and/or lovers bed whilst they are sleeping, then retiring to an adjoining room to watch NCIS re-runs as you wait
Bruh, I totally left a midnight brown in Lance's bed last night. I hope he doesn't roll over!
by The EBT Swashbuckler May 21, 2016
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