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(mid lIf 'krI-s&s 'mo-"bEl)
abbr. MLCM

A Mid-Life Crisis Mobile is traditionally a small, sporty automobile, and most often convertible. Common examples of such an automobile are the Mazda Miata, the Lexus SC430, the Chevrolet SSR, and any of a large number of Italian cars that cost as much as a house. The archetypical owner of a Mid-Life Crisis Mobile is male, 37-50 years old, has hair that is thinning or graying (or both). If there is a passenger, there are two possibilities; a female approximately the same age as the driver (the driver's original wife), or a female in her early to mid 20s with bleached hair and enhanced cleavage (either the driver's mistress or new trophy wife).

Compare to Daddy Bought It Mobile
"Hey Brent, did your dad just get a convertible Mustang? That car is such an MLCM. What's next, fake boobs on your mom?"
by JK Grence May 24, 2005
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Like the penismobile. An expensive sportscar, often a convertible, bought by middle-aged businessmen going through their midlife crises and want to feel young again, completely unaware that they look like morons.
Never drive a convertible if you are graying or balding, or it is automatically a midlifecrisismobile.
by junkyard prince October 14, 2003
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