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First off you need to extract some sort of STI and/or STD, Syphilis is recommended. Second go to the Artic Circle with a harpoon made of a strong material and slay a Narwhal. If you can't get him with the harpoon try to shroom slap him with your STD infested Dick. Third you get to fucking a girl (or Male) doggiestyle. Make sure to get that STD in there. Once that shit is burning that bitch. Get that mutha fuckin narwhal and fuck that shit with that huge fuckin horn. That is the Mid-Eastern Flaming Narwhal Black bitches Love it.
Dude, I gave Lafanda the Mid-Eastern Flaming Narwhal last night.

No way dude don't you have AIDS?

by Vag Rash 69 December 30, 2011
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