The state of a penis when it shrinks from its normal size. The opposite of wood.
Just thinking about that ball buster gave me a microsoftie
by Grain September 12, 2004
A very small flacid penis.
Guy #1: Dude, why didn't you hit that shit?
Guy #2: I tried, but she didn't enjoy my microsoftie.
by Andi September 14, 2004
someone in the IT feild who only likes microsoft for the sole reason that their software has made their back pocket larger
greg: that guy loves microsoft...
mike: that's because he's a fucking microsoftie
by poonjah September 14, 2004
n0n-1337 w1nd0wz 0S us0r

not microsoftxcore
LOLOL 0mg j00 n00b u cant c0py & p4st3 liek me 1 am teh 1337 w1nd0wz ME h4x0r. j00 r a m1cr0s0f7i3 LOL0mGwtfBbq!!!!11onehundredeleven122
by ohfukmeh September 13, 2004

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