someone with less then 3 inches of penis size. extremely small endowment; extra tiny penis
Small Paul from atlantic city, is italian, and has a micropenis. we call him "peewee" and "buttondick" because it is less then 1/2 inch. He has no shaft either. Poor pwee is dickless and we all laugh at him and his micro-pecker!! lol dickless
by rickydelcamin January 15, 2009
A condition where one has a tiny penis, under 3 inches in length.
Jess: Do you want to have sex?
Dan: Okay.
Jess: Sorry, I don't smoke.
Dan: HEY! That's my penis!
Jess: That's your penis Dan? Oh my God, it is tiny! You have a micropenis!
by Steve-O McQueev-O February 02, 2010
The technical defintion of a micro penis is one less than 3 inches in length.
by Ian Chode April 03, 2003
Tiny penis usually less than 2 inches in length.
Lafonda refuses to have sex with Jamal because he had a micropenis.
by Jamal Jackson Jay April 03, 2010
a dick under 2.5 inches when stretched
also scott lathams secret fethish
that boy has a micropenis!!
"mmmm looovely mocropenis" (scott latham)
by bowboy in da hood April 01, 2003
A penis that is less than 3 inches long.
Dude, Adam showed me a picture of his junk. He has a micro penis!
by The most awesome person ever. January 01, 2012
an abnormally small penis, usually under 2 inches long, tends to explode after 7 years much in the same way as a micro-pig.
wow your boyfriends got a micro-penis, hasn't it exploded yet?
by dinss February 27, 2010
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