A part of the male genitalia which requires tweezers and a magnifying glass to see.
Dude, do you need some help finding your micro penis in order to take a piss?
by Mick282 January 18, 2004
Top Definition
an actual deficiancy in which a man has an abnormally small penis. Also called microphallus.
Coach: Aight boys, hit the showers.
Billy: ...Do we have to?
Coach: Of course you do. What are you so ashamed of?
Billy: ...
by t1na November 05, 2005
A penis under 3 inches in length
borgos pet turtle has a larger penis than him, that was the moment he realized he had a micropenis
by el carbo March 30, 2007
the word is in reference to the penis size of over 90% of Humvee owners.
his micropenis was the reason he bought his Humvee.
by reverendmo June 20, 2010
A penis so small that anyone who saw one would laugh hysterically. 3 inches or smaller in erect size. Very puny and pathetic looking. Maybe not even visible, or just a head of a penis visible.
My dick is a very very small dick. 2.5 inches in length when erect. Ive always had a tiny penis and have always been laughed at and ridiculed. I cant really have sex because its too small, and because women wont have sex with me cos they cant feel anything. All of this is because i have a micro penis!
by gaz1 November 17, 2005
As said by FHM:
A penis measuring less than 1cm when erect. There is no shaft, just a small nob connected to your pelvic region.
"There has only ever been a few micro penis' ever discovered."
by Diego August 21, 2003
A Micropenis is a medical term that describes an unusually small penis in a male, usually 4cm. This condition is incredibly rare. This term is only used when the other parts of the male genitalia, like the scrotum and testes are well developed and normal sized.

About 0.6% of all penis's of all men fall into this category
Joe brown Has a Micropenis. It is 1.5cm in length. He is not a happy camper in the locker room.
by --Jordan-- December 30, 2006
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