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A term for a non-committal, yet successful, single professional female that has surpassed the dreaded 30 year old mark. Micksters aren't quite like cougars, but they are not far off the mark. They think they can still relate with the twenty something crowd and often congregate in dive bars and watering holes during happy hour. Girly drinks such as cosmos don't apply to Micksters and they are satisfied shot-gunning heavily hopped up beers. Micksters are often characterized by their witty personalities and sensible attire such as comfortable flat shoes. You will never see a Mickster with a boyfriend because they are too busy being non-committal and downing said alcoholic beverages. If gone unchecked a Mickster will go straight passing cougar status and enter "sugar mama" status after 10 years.
I hit it off with this chick at the bar but she totally blew me off. What a Mickster!

I got passed up for a promotion at work by a Mickster. She wasn't even excited and went straight to happy hour for an IPA.

I got Mickster'ed at the bar after unsuccessfully trying to get her number for 3 hours!
by stevieb750 April 09, 2013
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